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A Step Above

Podium's unique approach to eLearning authoring brings you seven top features that provide you the following three benefits:

  • Speed to Competency
  • eLearning Content Management
  • Online Collaborative Content Creation
exploring innovative technologies, creating high-impact, high-return solutions and sharing our experiences with others.

explore | innovative – revolutionary

Our exploration of innovative technologies and revolutionary processes builds upon our solid eLearning methodology – Quantum eLearning™. Quantum eLearning™ is the basis of all we do; preserving content value and creating adaptive learning experiences.

create | emerging – promising

Qualitative and quantitative analysis drives our continuous improvement, proving emerging processes and promising technologies. Our quality people follow proven processes using sound technologies to produce top-notch results. Disciplined People – Disciplined Thought – Disciplined Action.

share | existing – proven

We share our experiences with others with the intent of expanding their existing eLearning processes and technologies; adding to the tried and true methods of eLearning design, development and delivery.

 experience | excellence

There’s nothing unique about what we do….it’s how we do it. Anyone can paint, but not everyone is an artist. At echoEleven, we have elevated the design, development and delivery of eLearning to a level of artistic creation.

We are committed to eLearning innovation – motivated by energy, passion and creativity – incorporating integrity, efficiency and accountability – holding ourselves to the highest standards.